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Thank you for this post! I have just discovered your site, and already I am benefiting. Right now, I am simply trying to write a standard research paper for a senior level class, and I have not been able to bring myself to begin for days. You see, I suffer from an extreme case of this perfectionism you write of! It can be rather crippling... So, I am going to try what you said about the Zero Draft. I love this idea. My main problem is that I know nothing of the topic I was assigned, so I have felt stuck. Furthermore, I never start writing until I have a pretty good idea of exactly what my end result will look like. But, I love the idea of the Zero Draft. My frozen state ends now! Thanks again, and this is a great site.


i really like your sense of levity and playfulness. I hope you enjoy the irony I point and agree that it is healthy to laugh at ourselves sometimes. Re-read the first sentence in your third paragraph. Isn't this simple typo funny and ironic?

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