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I really enjoyed reading your blog. The advice and ideas can truly
be applied to virtually any large project or task, not just PhDs! I am an artist working on a book project, and remembering that I choose to take on this ambitious task -- and then breaking it down into smaller pieces -- really helps.


Hi Liena, thanks for your blog. I find it inspiring and very helpful. All the suggestions about writing are crucial, especially the strategies around visualizations.

The reflection on using the dissertation as a place of choice and empowerment is wonderful. I so need to hear that...

a deep bow and a big hug,


I wish I could, but I feel so 'stuck'...after 5+ years working for the same guy, who the heck else could I get decent/recent work refns from??


I have struggled with whether or not to finish for almost a year now, nearly quitting twice. I am no longer on the same career path, so what's the point? On the other hand, I feel that it will be the great unfinished project which will haunt me to my grave, and that while my friends and family will accept it, they will be disappointed in me (even if they say they won't.) And what about my subject (an institutional history/biography.) I feel like I would be letting my subject down.

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