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Power Babe

wow Liena!

great advice - a powerful : ) reminder how important it is to bookend work sessions with activities that are energizing and fun. my mind thanks you!

Power Babe in Vancouver


It makes so much sense... I tend to jump around a lot. I like to have 2 or 3 projects going on so I can distract myself from one productive thing to another.


My dissertation is due for filing on at the end of this week and my advisor is holding the last chapter for corrections. I turned it into her several months ago and still I have yet to get it back. She assures me I will get it back in time but I have a young child a fulltime job and I have to manage and plan every second of my time. I have no idea how I will have any time to write make copies or eveyrthing else that is invloved in filing. I am a wreck and just want to crawl into my bed and forget about all of this. She is aware of my plight but has told me she has other dealines too and is doing her best to get it back to me. Help!

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